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Since UK lockdown started my sense of time is just out the window. I don't know what day it is or time, it's just the same every single day. Which is why blog posts have been late lately because I am delirious and it feels like Groundhog Day.

Anyway I beat NaNoWrimo, hitting 50K words on the manuscript of LISTED's sequel, which meant only one thing TITLE REVEAL!

If you follow me on social media then you would know this news. But if not, Rebound is the name of Listed's sequel. Just like LISTED there is a lot of meaning behind it and a few hidden meanings.

REBOUND is set a year and six months after the events of LISTED. The characters think their lives are perfect now, however they quickly realise history is starting to repeat itself and in a more hellish way than before.

Personally, I think REBOUND is my most difficult book to write for a lot of reasons. Mainly because I am trying out three POV's from the main characters Judas, Nadine and Samhain. With Samhain being one of my most complex characters to date, people loved him so much in book one they wanted to see more of him so why not make him a main character!

After NaNoWriMo I have started editing it, on Draft 2 and I do hope to finish the book sometime in 2021. It's crazy that this time last year I was writing LISTED, and I'm doing it again a year later with REBOUND. But I have also just finalised its cover as well, so when I am say on Draft 3 or a more finalised version, I will show people that.

I hope everybody in the US who celebrates had an amazing Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays!

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