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Return to the Othereal in book 2 of The Fallasingha Chronicles, The Moon Denies Rulers! Now available to read via Kindle Unlimited or available in paperback and hardback.

Description: Desperate for survival. Bound by fate.

Exiled to the mortal realm, Orison finds herself a stranger in the world she grew up in. Left to fend for herself with powers still their infancy, she struggles to gain control in a realm with limited magic and time is running out before death claims her.

In an unlikely turn of events, her saving grace is a new Fae companion who teaches her how to wield her powers and guides her back to the realm of magic. However, upon her return to the Fae realm, Orison is contracted to serve a rival Fae King with promises of safety against somebody who wishes her harm.

As Orison settles into her new reality, she uncovers more secrets about somebody she thought she could confide in along with a threat against the realm that could have detrimental consequences if she doesn’t accept the crown. Determined to stop the threat in its tracks, Orison must battle everything that stands in the way of achieving queendom. However, fate has a way of turning the tables.


Coming Soon

The adventure continues with The Night Crowns Reckoning, book 3 of The Fallasingha Chronicles coming soon!

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