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Happy Holidays!

Hello! Long time no post! I hope you're having an awesome holiday season where you're safe and well. 2022 has been a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs and I'm glad to be saying goodbye to it.

Thank you to all of you readers who have taken a chance on me as a small indie author this year, loved my books and stuck around while I tackle book launches along with other challenges. It's because of you I get to continue putting out stories where you can find a home among the pages.

A lot happened with my author career this year. I changed genres, which is probably the scariest part of publishing and not knowing how it would be received. However, my debut into Fantasy (The Stars Plot Revenge) is probably my most successful book to date, with it even hitting number 2 in the best seller chart for free books! That's never happened before and I'm glad

Due to how busy I've been with The Moon Denies Rulers (The Fallasingha Chronicles book 2), I've not been able to make a blog post about it's cover! Here it is:

The Moon Denies Rulers blurb: Desperate for survival. Bound by fate.

Exiled to the mortal realm, Orison finds herself a stranger in the world she grew up in. Left to fend for herself with powers still their infancy, she struggles to gain control in a realm with limited magic and time is running out before death claims her.

In an unlikely turn of events, her saving grace is a new Fae companion who teaches her how to wield her powers and guides her back to the realm of magic. However, upon her return to the Fae realm, Orison is contracted to serve a rival Fae King with promises of safety against somebody who wishes her harm.

As Orison settles into her new reality, she uncovers more secrets about somebody she thought she could confide in along with a threat against the realm that could have detrimental consequences if she doesn’t accept the crown. Determined to stop the threat in its tracks, Orison must battle everything that stands in the way of achieving queendom. However, fate has a way of turning the tables.


Now open for ARC readers (closing date Jan 1st 2023)


There is also a Discord server you can join if you're fans of my books:


2022 Wrap Up:


- Publishing my first High Fantasy.

- First successful book launch with The Stars Plot Revenge.

- Hitting number 2 in the best seller charts.


- Burn out and imposter syndrome, I've been really struggling to write The Fallasingha Chronicles Book 3 this year. - Laptop breaking, my laptop broke and I had to buy a new one.

- I've been getting sick a lot this year, even got covid, so it's slowed down writing significantly.


2023 Plans:

- 1st February 2023: The Moon Denies Rulers ARC's get sent out

- 10th March 2023: The Moon Denies Rulers is published

- April/May: The Fallasingha Chronicles Book 3 title reveal

- Late 2023: The Fallasingha Chronicles Book 3 cover reveal

- Late 2023: Secret Project reveal

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