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The Fallasingha Chronicles

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Desperate for freedom. Fuelled by revenge.  


Orison never knew that the Fae existed until the Fae King took her from the mortal realm. Needing a false heir to keep up appearances, the king turned her into a Fae against her will, and now she’s paraded around as his daughter whilst imprisoned in his castle.

Even with the risk of death, Orison will do whatever it takes to achieve freedom. Including a search for a missing prince to overthrow the king. When his tracking spell isn’t enough of a deterrent, the king traps Orison in her bedroom. It’s the final push Orison needs to enact revenge.

The king’s mistake is letting her watch a public execution, allowing the elven kingdom to offer Orison refuge in their lands behind his back. She jumps at the opportunity and with their assistance flees her glorified prison. When her choice sparks a fierce battle, Orison resolves to push aside her fears and make it clear she is nobody’s prisoner.

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Now Available

Desperate for survival. Bound by fate.

Exiled to the mortal realm, Orison finds herself a stranger in the world she grew up in. Left to fend for herself with powers still their infancy, she struggles to gain control in a realm with limited magic and time is running out before death claims her.

In an unlikely turn of events, her saving grace is a new Fae companion who teaches her how to wield her powers and guides her back to the realm of magic. However, upon her return to the Fae realm, Orison is contracted to serve a rival Fae King with promises of safety against somebody who wishes her harm.

As Orison settles into her new reality, she uncovers more secrets about somebody she thought she could confide in along with a threat against the realm that could have detrimental consequences if she doesn’t accept the crown. Determined to stop the threat in its tracks, Orison must battle everything that stands in the way of achieving queendom. However, fate has a way of turning the tables.


Now Available

Desperate for vengeance. Fuelled by rage.

After a disastrous coronation that left Orison and a handful of citizens banished from the castle in the dead of winter, a mysterious shield stands in the way of her claiming her throne. Determined to save her people, Orison must figure out how to take down the shield and plan an ambush against the man claiming to be king.

Though challenges unnumbered delay her success, Orison refuses to give up. Even when the price of magic has wrought a terrifying creature to turn on Orison’s country and attack them at night fall, leaving the population in turmoil and cities in ruin. It’s a race against the clock before her country ceases to exist.

While preparing for conflict, Orison battles to gain control of newfound power and show the false king she isn’t somebody to be messed with. Yet her plan she worked hard to forge is tested to the limits when a rash decision plunges them into battle prematurely. Disaster is imminent and Orison’s life hangs in the balance.

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