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The One with the Insane Writers Block

I'm in a weird writing slump. Wait no block. Usually when I finish reading a great book series, I get into a reading slump and I struggle to find any good books—that's not been the case since reading From Blood & Ash, instead it's given me writers block.

When reading that book series, it captivated me so good I was on a roll with writing TSPR, it was giving me so many ideas and now I've just finding A Crown of Gilded Bones I got nothing. My fire... poof gone!

And the most annoying part is how inspired I am. I have so many ideas but nothing is getting down on paper, as soon as I try the words are lost.

It's so frustrating because when I do find inspiration again, something distracts me and I'm back to square one. I've tried music, reading Fantasy and nothing. No ideas. Hopefully I get back into the swings of things eventually.

While I have had this writers block, it has allowed me to make a book cover for book 4 I haven't even started writing yet; and I'm beta reading some new books. Beta reading is strange because I have to give suggestions on somebody else's work, and re-write somebody else's words when I can barely make a sentence on my own work. This just adds to my frustration with it.

Along with this writers block, I'm very busy getting REBOUND edited in time for launch. I've done some self-edits and sent it to a friend for proof reading, so far they are loving it and I am so glad. To check the cover and formatting is good, I even received a proof copy a couple weeks ago and I can't believe how stunning the cover looks. There are some issues I'd have to fix, but it looks so good so far; especially next to LISTED. I am so excited to announce that REBOUND is coming out on the 20th of June! Are you ready?

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