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The One Where I Smash My Head on a Keyboard

This weekend has been busy in terms of marketing progress. As well as settling into growing my follower numbers on Twitter ( , I tried to set up a newsletter to give to you all but turns out this is on the back burner indefinitely. There's some things I didn't anticipate with a newsletter, which has been a huge stumbling block but it's fine. Now I'm working on converting Listed into an e-book format, so far it looks really good, and seeing the first three chapters of that on my GoogleBooks library is incredibly weird—in a good way of course.

But I want to smash my head against a keyboard because my photo editor has decided it doesn't want to work anymore. I had to fix an error in the cover, and then trying to do Listed's back cover has become more difficult than it needs to be. Every time I try to do anything with the back cover, the image crops itself, and it's an action that can't be redone. So that's not been fun to deal with.

In terms of reading, I have just finished book one of The Bargainers series called Rhapsodic by Laura Thalassa. I found this a very nice twist to the fantasy genre with having crime fighting and detective work thrown in there, but I didn't like how this appeared to be a subplot. Read my full review here:

I hope you have a great day or week. I know mine is going to be jam packed.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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