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Proofreading & Sequels

Last night Listed officially got sent off for proofreading. Which means we are one step closer to getting it out for everybody to see, after this stage I will be sending out advanced reader copies to some people so stay tuned for that. I am very excited for people to read the final version of this incredibly book I have been working very hard on.

With that I am working on Listed's sequel. It's not going to plan, I'm inspired but it's not coming out good on paper. It is a first draft, those aren't ever good so I am just pushing through all the bad sections then going to rework them in draft two.

Currently I am re-reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. It is helping with the inspiration problems in a weird way, it's not the genre I'm writing but if it works, it works.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog with more updares for Listed! This is a very exciting turn of events!

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