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The past week has been a blur, so much has happened since LISTED went live for pre-order. So I got verified on Goodreads, and then Bookbub, which is super weird but exciting to see. Currently I am busy tweaking things with LISTED, and making promotional materials for the book but I am trying to find my readers. They'll come soon, like that movie where it says "If you build it they will come" hahaha. Due to being so busy with promotion work, and moving house. I've not had the time to read my endless TBR pile so no book review in todays blog. Maybe next weeks blog, I don't know I'll find time somewhere!

While working on promotional work my website got a whole new look! Now it looks much cleaner, and everything is much better to navigate now. I hope all of you reading this enjoy the websites new layout.

Aside from that please enjoy the first page of LISTED, coming November 1st 2020:

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