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Moving, Christmas and Other Stuff

I am so tired. So this week I have been moving into my new home, this has been a long time coming and finally we got the keys last week. So most of my time has been taken up by moving boxes in, cleaning the place and getting to know my new neighbours. After a full week of doing this I am exhausted and so ready for a break.

This will be the first time in nearly three years my family will have owned a house, so this is nice. Our rental property became unliveable, especially in winter, where despite the heating being on it only worked in the living room. Which isn't good for me who has asthma which is triggered by cold weather.

I have a lot of plans to decorate my room and get it looked like my room. First thing's first, a new book case. This year, I got back into reading and I didn't realise I had five boxes of books alone! Despite this, I know the number will grow so that will not be fun hahaha!

With my new house I am so excited to share Christmas somewhere warm, it'll be amazing to write without having to be in my coat and a duvet to stay warm and I feel like I will be very productive in this new environment. Even better that there are a couple of spaces out in the back yard so if I wanted to I could write there as well.


The Gamble by Kathryn Jacques has been a book I have read recently. Five out of five stars, this book was incredible!

This is one of those books where it's so good you deliberately try to delay the fact it has to end by slowing down your reading progress on purpose.

It was insane how fast paced this thing is with so many plot twists that my phone had been glued to my hand since I bought it, just so I could keep reading. This book kept me awake until 2 a.m., I cried, laughed, and got angry. Just an incredible journey to be on after a three month reading slump.

Only downside was the ending was ever so slightly predictable, however, it still made me scream at my phone and pause everything I was doing due to shock because the book couldn't just end there. Now the sad thing is, now I'm moving I can't read the sequel The Choice until I have some down time! What am I going to do!

That is all for this weeks blog, I need sleep, or whatever hahaha.


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