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LISTED is finally up for pre-order! After a lot of blood, sweat and tears over the course of writing this book, it is finally ready to be in the hands of the world. Link to pre-order it is here:

This time last year I was really in a crossroads with my career path. I had just graduated from a Bachelors in International Tourism Management and was getting nowhere with a career in tourism. But in my spare time I was writing Listed just for me, but then after a while I thought "Actually I want over people to read this." It has taken a lot of to get back into persuing a career in becoming an author, when I first tried to be published 7 years ago, I gave up all hope. But it's finally happened! I'm so excited for people to finally read my work.

Now is the time I start the ball rolling. I have put Listed on Goodreads and on the way to claiming my author profile, currently in the process I have also signed up for BookBub.

Other exciting news is that ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) applications for LISTED will go live on September 1st 2020. So if you want to be in for a chance of getting your hands on an early copy, then watch my social media channels.

Currently I am reading Thunderhead, book #2 of the Scythe triology, by Neal Shusterman. I've never read a Dystopian like this before, the first book Scythe kept me awake until 4am because I needed to know more! Same for this book, but I am very busy lately to tear through it like I did with the first book. Seriously you should check it out!

Stay tuned for the next blog!

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