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Busy Bee!

Lately I have been so busy and don't know what day it is. Not only am I moving, finally, that has taken forever and so glad to have this as a Christmas present but also I started the 3rd Draft of REBOUND! Alas with all this going on there had to be a spanner in the laptop decided to die and it's going to be £££ to fix it.

However, this is not stopping me making progress on REBOUND, in fact I've adapted so I am working on my desktop computer to help get through the time while I'm without a laptop.

Otherwise, I am focusing on a fresh new start to end 2020 with something good and that is my new house. Packing has been taking a lot of my time but happy to be writing in a new environment to get my creativeness flowing.

Currently I am struggling to find the time to read. But soon I will share more book reviews in next weeks blog.


Enjoy some elf pictures!

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