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ARC Readers, Reading Slumps, and Photography

In anticipation of LISTED being released to the great wide outernet in November, I am currently seeking Advanced Readers to review my book. As a new author, it would be a big help to get reviews in early for my book to help get it known by people so follow the link and sign up:

Also I've been in a big reading slump lately. For the past week and a bit, I've not been feeling the greatest now the weather in England has gone back to being cold, so had no motivation to pick up a book. Even though I am on a pivotal moment on my current read Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman, I've just not felt the urge to continue but that's okay I'll get back into it. Lately I have been reading a lot and knew this was going to happen. Despite the big reading slump, I have had the greatest desire to write. So it's been a really great opportunity to get sucked back into LISTED's world and write its sequel, but it's difficult because of how different the characters will be.

Either way, to get some inspiration I've been taking a lot of walks in Sheffield, England. Now the weather is changing, and getting colder then it's a really fun time to see a lot of wildlife as they start preparing for hibernation. So I've dusted off my camera and took some photos of cute fluffy animals. Check them out below:

To conclude this blog post, I'll figure out my reading slump, but for the time being I am focusing on LISTED as my main priority. What are you reading? Or doing this week?

I hope to finish my current read soon.

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