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April Reads & News

Updated: May 10, 2021

What I Read in April.

I rated this 4/5 ⭐'s

This was a re-read for me and let me just say the second time around was much better than the first time around.

I still find that it was a good introduction to the series, it read like a prequel before any action started. The world building was good and it was a nice introduction to the characters. Once I get the rest of the series, I'll definitely be excited to check out where it'll go.

This one pleasantly surprised me. Usually, I hate vampire and werewolf books, in normal circumstances I don't finish them but this one blew me away. It was a very slow start taking about 200 pages to get the story going but from there I was on a rollercoaster and in for the ride.

I loved all the plot twists, it was difficult to put down and it was overall a really great experience. Definitely kept me on the edge enough to start book two of the series A Kingdom of Flesh & Fire.

The second book in the series kept me awake until 3 a.m. some days. Some times this was "I don't need sleep, I need answers" kind of deal and it was such a fast pacing yet engaging story I truly fell in love with the series.

All the character developments in book 2 were amazing, especially for Poppy and discovering the world was mesmerising. When the action started I was on the edge of my seat and that cliff hanger made me immediately start the third book The Crown of Gilded Bones.

The book started out really strong and it was difficult to put down. I really enjoyed settling back into the world and after the cliff hanger of A Kingdom of Flesh & Fire it was good to get answers. Seeing Casteel and Poppy's character development was amazing and so was this new development in the world. I loved getting more answers and discovering. It was amazing. The ending had me shook to the point I need the next book and it left me physically shaking for a while afterwards because it was so impactful. I need more answers!

My only negatives were that in the middle it did slow down to the point I almost didn't finish, but I'm glad I pushed through. There was a lot of info dumping in this section, to the point where I felt like the series took a step back to the first book which was info dump heavy. I was quite disappointed and was so glad it picked up.

For the entire From Blood & Ash series I rate this 4.5/5 's

The final book I read was A Day on a Journey to Lakeside Shopping Centre by Sabinah Adewole

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy of this book.

This was a really good poetry book from Adewole for children and adults alike. It was nice to see how a simple trip to a shopping centre could invoke an entire book of memories and how life when shopping has changed during a turbulent time like the pandemic.

It was a good easy read with lots of pictures and highly imaginative. Children will love this.

Bookish News


Currently we're full steam ahead to get REBOUND fully edited by the release date. There is a lot to get done by June 20th for this to be in the hands of everybody.

If you checked out REBOUND on the rest of the website, you may notice you have more store fronts to pre-order it from!

That's right you can now pre-order REBOUND on ebook from: Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo!

I'm currently working on the paperback cover and making sure that's good to go once all the edits are in. This is a super busy time as we're preparing for launch and making sure everything is perfect.

What are your theories for the book?

T.S.P.R News.

I'm still writing the first book in a new Fantasy series, but at the moment, it's taken a little bit of a back seat while we get all the kinks with Rebound out the way. But once everything has been finalised with Rebound, it'll be full steam ahead with this book too. So far I have finalised the cover and title. I'm adding new ideas and planning when to reveal the title, or most importantly figure out a launch date.

Writing Fantasy has really pushed me to change my writing style to new heights I didn't think was possible. The comments from my beta team about T.S.P.R are already incredible and I'm so happy this book is helping me improve my work. This genre is no joke but I love the challenge and world building. (It may or may not have a map!)

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