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September Reads + Indie TBR Nov + title reveal date

Throughout September I was in a massive reading slump, personally hate them but I still managed to read a few books.

I was very fortunate to get an advanced reader copy of Flames of Promise by Jack Whitney. This is the sequel to Dead Moons Rising and it was incredible. The writing was much stronger and I loved seeing that improvement from Whitney, I got lost in the pages this time around and was invested in the story until the end. Character development was incredibly strong which was great to see and I need the third book. Flames of Promise was the only book where I cried six times!

5/5 stars.

My next 5 star read was The Bronzed Beasts by Roshani Chokshi.

This book was everything I needed it to be for the final book and that ending was a perfect conclusion so much as I burst out crying. It was strange seeing the characters having to switch roles in a big way after the events of The Silvered Serpents. I wanted to be like them and hate Séverin, but again he won me over too much. I related so much to how Enrique was feeling during this initial chapters and I loved seeing his character development, especially Zofia's. Highly recommend.



It's that time again where I am participating in an Indie TBR event over on TikTok!

From the 1st of November - 30th November, I am teaming up with over 100 other indie authors who are giving their books away for free in exchange for honest reviews if you feel they deserve them. There will be giveaways and prizes to be won throughout November, so click on the title of this section to sign up! Reader sign up ends Nov 1st.

Both books in the Listed duology are being offered for free in this months catalogue, so sign up and happy reading!



I did a poll over on Instagram and TikTok on when I should reveal T.S.P.R's title. Well the votes were in and you the readers have opted for an October reveal! I am so excited to finally tell everybody the actual title of this book. The original plan was November, but it was getting difficult to keep it under wraps.

At the moment I am in the editing stages of T.S.P.R, and ahead of schedule on those. So far the feedback from beta readers is extremely positive, which makes me feel so happy I finally gave in and dipped my toe in the water with a new genre. Will you be there for the title reveal?

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