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They should have never met. . . .

When Judas Wells is ordered to send Nadine Ellis to her execution, he defies orders for the first time in his life by concealing Nadine in The Rebellion. However, once it is revealed that Nadine has actually been kidnapped from a neighbouring country, The Rebellion and Judas realise her experience as an outsider could bring down their own country's ruthless regime and restore freedom to the nation.

     Yet this proves no simple task when the government starts hunting them all down. As an uprising looms over the country in retaliation, nowhere is safe. With the help of The Rebellion, Judas and Nadine must survive long enough to see freedom restored—or face their demise.

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They should have never won. . .

Everything seemed fine for Samhain, Nadine, and Judas while they tried to heal from the events of the Uprising a year and a half ago. That is until a new group started threatening their safety, trying to bring back the ruthless regime they had fought so hard to eradicate. The new threat already burned down Samhain's home, leaving Judas lost and having to open up his home for his stranded friends while they can do nothing but watch history repeat itself.


But the trio are soon called forward by the new government, who have decided to re-establish the shattered Rebellion in a desperate bid to shut down the threat. However, with so many unknowns about who or what the threat is—time may be running out to save an entire nation.

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